Many have heard the legend, but few have put it to the test

The first listeners of Pink Floyd's seminal 'Dark Side of the Moon' in 1973 described the experience as being akin to tuning into a radio broadcast from another civilisation.

It's an undeniable fact that, wherever this astonishing magnum opus came from, it changed the musical landscape forever. But things get somewhat murkier when you venture beyond the few hard facts, and the debate of exactly where the band drew their influence from has raged for decades. The naïve assume that they simply invented it for themselves, but careful listeners have always suspected there was more to the matter than that.

We are now in a position to reveal the truth...

The whispers began more than a decade ago

Rumours have persisted, talking of a party of enlightened individuals, a compromise struck between audio and visual, a buried secret serendipitously unearthed. Purely by chance we found ourselves conversing on a private Snapchat with one of those involved. They have decided that the time has come to pose this question to the wider public:

Has anyone else noticed just how uncannily Dark Side of the Moon syncs up with Face Off, the John Woo classic starring Nic Cage and John Travolta?

And what's more, can anyone, given the evidence in front of their very faces, really believe that this synchronicity is merely by chance?

The surviving band members have strongly denied that there is anything more to this than coincidence.

In an soon-to-be-published Prog Magazine interview marking the 46th anniversary of the album, guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour again rebuffed the suggestion that the album was intentionally written to be synchronized with the film, attributing the discovery to “some guy with too much time on his hands”.

But Occam's Razor tells us that something this eerily perfect leads to only one conclusion, no matter how fantastical it may seem: that Pink Floyd had a copy of Face Off in Abbey Road when they were recording the album. That they wrote and timed every song on Dark Side of the Moon to perfectly match and evoke what was happening on screen. And we have the proof.

Finally, the time has come to show the world the truth.


Here it is, the evidence, presynced for you and ready to go!

Note: this version is content blocked in the USA, the powers that be do not want you to learn the TRUTH!

VPN to Europe to watch the full version, and become enlightened.


Before you dive into the full affair give the trailer a whirl, and witness how, unedited, it too syncs up with the first track of the album. Another coincidence? Does the world need further proof?


For the purest viewing, you will need a copy of Dark Side of the Moon on Vinyl, or FLAC, and a copy of Face Off on VHS (but it's also on Netflix.)

Simply start playing the Album and the movie at the same time, you'll know you've synced it correctly because they were made for one another. When the album ends, repeat it... 4 times.